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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Backstage Saturday is back!

Welcome to Backstage Saturday!  A behind the scenes peek at Charming Necessities!

I haven't posted for Backstage Saturday for a while (sorry!), between holiday weekends and generally being busy I haven't had the chance!

But, no worries, Backstage Saturday is back.  For those who are visiting for the first time, this is where I post about what I worked on during the week, including pictures of products in production, some new sneak peeks, and general behind the scenes fun!  You can see previous Backstage Saturday posts here.

Mini Top Hats in production - this picture is from a couple weeks ago - but I have been steadily filling orders for these!

A lot of feather headbands and flower headbands went out this past week as well!

This picture is from last week - I made new color combinations in A Touch of Royalty Fascintors, and also worked on some goodies for my Charming Couture line designed specifically for Women!

I had some orders for clothing from the Haute Couture Collection - this collection has really been a popular one!

A finished Haute Couture Knot Dress - I heart this dress!

A super sweet Vintage Beauty Sunsuit in Haute Couture.

A quick shot of some Haute Couture ready to be shipped!

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Friday, May 27, 2011

COMING SOON - Fall 2011 Charming Necessities Model Search

Details and information on how to enter the Fall 2011 Charming Necessities Model Search will be posted in the next few days here on the blog!  Make sure you follow my blog, and also "like" Charming Necessities on Facebook to stay in the loop!

A few quick details (just to tease! ;)):

Open to contestants old enough to walk up to 8 (or wears a size 8).

There is a $5 entry fee PER CHILD, you can submit up to 3 pictures per child.

Photos submitted do not have to be professional pictures (although this is encouraged) but must be clear, recent shots.

Entries will be judged by a panel of judges including fellow boutique owners, photographers, and friends of Charming Necessities.

Entries will be judged based on overall picture quality, picture style/theme, model's ability to showcase product well in photos, etc.

Since these models will be showcasing new fall clothing - pictures must be professional, and also the same general style as current pictures shown on my website (think girly, vintage, elegant).


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Couture Mini Top Hat Headbands - The Perfect Photo Prop or Birthday Hat

White and Aqua Mini Top Hat shown above - currently sold out.  Will be back in stock sometime in June.

Oh how I *love* these mini top hats!  They have become a hot item!  Since I launched this style top hat at the beginning of the year, they have started to pop up everywhere!  Don't be fooled by a copy, get the original!

These make an incredible photo prop for photographers, and work on girls of all ages, from newborns - adults.  They are also a trendy and show stopping alternative to traditional birthday hats.  Really, these are just the ticket for any special occasion.

Trust me, my customers tell me all the time that they get so many compliments on their hats, they truly turn heads!

Charming Necessities is one of the best places to find the perfect mini top hat.  I have loads of color combinations to choose from - some made to match my clothing collections!

I use brocade, satin (with glitter!), and sometimes cotton fabric to make shabby flowers, embellish them with colorful and sparkling rhinestones, and add feathers and french netting.  All of this is added to the adorable mini top hats and attached to a stretchy FOE headband.  Did I say already that I *love* these hats?!  I do!  :-)

Over The Top Mini Top Hats are in the works, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Here are some pictures of the different mini top hats that I offer - all are available for sale at Charming Necessities.

Mini Top Hat made to match the Haute Couture clothing collection.

Pastel Pink and Lime Mini Top Hat

Best Seller!  Pink and Gold Mini Top Hat

Another best seller!  Currently sold out, should be back in stock in June.  Brown and Gold Mini Top Hat

Mini Top Hat made to match the Sweet Cake clothing collection.

A very popular color combination!  Pink and White Mini Top Hat 

Another favorite, the Purple and Beige Mini Top Hat

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