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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Buy handmade, not knockoffs!

A couple weeks ago I posted on my Facebook fan page about my sunsuit pictures being stolen and copied by Chinese manufacturers. I have gotten many emails from fans/customers letting me know that they are now seeing these knock-offs being sold via Facebook and other selling venues by other boutiques. Instead of having knot style straps they are halter straps.

 Please know that at this time, you can only purchase Charming Necessities outfits through OR my Etsy shop. I have been selling these two particular sunsuits for 3 years. If you see them being offered somewhere else with the halter straps they are CHINA KNOCKOFFS and NOT HANDMADE.

 It makes me sick to think that others are benefiting from and making money off of my hard work. :(

 If you want a HIGH QUALITY HANDMADE vintage style sunsuit please visit my store.
Thank you for supporting a US small business!