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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yesterday Collection, a Knot Dress, Pouf Neck Peasant, Pillowcase Dress, Sunsuit, and matching Hair Accessories

Let me start by saying this collection is so sweet!  Very girly, a bit old fashioned, and still modern too!

There are five clothing pieces in the Yesterday Collection and three made to match headbands!  I think I went a bit overboard.  :)

Yesterday Knot Dress

Yesterday Pouf Neck Peasant Dress

Yesterday Ruffle Pants

and matching hair accessories!  A Deux Petities Dames Feather Headband

A Duchess Elyse Flower Headband

Aaaand, last but not least - the Pink Southern Belle Bowband goes perfectly!  (currently sold out! but will be back in stock in a couple weeks)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Carnival Ride - NEW Knot Dress, Peasant Dress, Pillowcase Dress, and matching headbands!

Carnival Ride is now available in my shop!  This collection is fun and modern with bright colors and striking prints.  Just perfect for summer!  Photography courtesy of Artsy Tartsy Photography - Jeni is amazing!  She designed the backdrop to go with my clothes - how COOL is that?!!  Check out her blog and facebook fan page.

There are a LOT of pieces in this collection!

Carnival Ride Knot Dress

Carnival Ride Pillowcase Dress

Carnival Ride Pouf Neck Peasant Dress (new style!)

And of course, no outfit would be complete without matching hair accessories!

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gorgeous Silk Rosette Oversized Bow Headbands

I adore these hair bows!  The Southern Belle Bowband is brand new to Charming Necessities!  It is an oversized silk rosette bow permanently attached to a matching FOE headband.  Very elegant and unique, a bit shabby chic. 

I love the beautiful statement these bowbands make!  What an amazing hair accessory for portraits, special occasions, or used as a photography prop.

Available in Red, Pink, Burnished Chocolate, and Eggplant.  Also available in ivory (picture coming soon).  I also have Hot Pink, Slate Blue, Apple Green, and a Brown/Blue mix planned, those will be available in about a month.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Knot Dress and Feather Headband in photo shoot for!

I couldn't be more thrilled right now!  Kim, from The TomKat Studio recently used my Springtime in Paris Knot Dress and Deux Petites Dames Feather Headband in a photo shoot for some articles she wrote for  She featured four girls birthday parties - including the Paris Glam Collection - which is the collection you can see my outfit in.  LOVE IT!  Check out her blog post about the parties HERE.  See the articles on HERE.  All photography by Laura Winslow Photography.

These are my modeled pictures of the Springtime in Paris Knot Dress and Deux Petites Dames Feather Headband, available in my shop!