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Sunday, August 28, 2011

2011 Ma Cherie Collection - Knot Dress, Peasant Dress, Ruffle Pants, Twirl Skirt and Peasant Top

My newest collection launched recently - Ma Cherie.  A beautiful collection in french inspired damasks, modern florals, and sweet polka dots!

I am so excited too, to show off my first collaboration!  MiaMoo Designs is a sweet shop full of adorable chunky necklaces for girls.  This style necklace is very trendy right now, and I love the texture it adds to an outfit.  Katie designed a necklace to match the Ma Cherie Collection and it is a perfect finishing touch for all the outfits!  Check out her website and facebook page.

Fall 2011 embodies all that sets Charming Necessities apart from other boutiques!  Gorgeous handmade boutique clothing in many styles {knot dress, peasant dress, top, skirt, pants, etc} as well as fashion forward made to match hair accessories.  You can mix and match the pieces to create the look that YOU want!  Items are sold individually so you have a choice.  Just want a dress?  That's great!  Want a few different looks?  Purchase a Knot Dress, Ruffle Pants, and a Peasant Top - then your little one can wear the dress and pants one day, peasant top and ruffle pants another day, and even the peasant top and knot dress with a pair of leggings another day!  There are many different ways to mix and match pieces.

The main colors for this collection are pink, black, tan, and a coral pink.   The damask fabric and polka dot fabric have a small french writing in vintage typewriter print.  So sweet!

Photography by Artsy Tartsy Photography.

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Peasant Top, Ruffle Pants, and the Charming Necessities original design, Reverse Knot Apron Top with matching Flower Headband.

Peasant Top and the new Bustle Twirl Skirt, with matching Ruffled Knee High Socks and Flower Headband.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Holiday 2011 Noel Boutique Peasant Dress, Knot Dress, Ruffle Pants, and Hair Accessories

Charming Necessities' Christmas 2011 Collection has launched!

The collection includes a Knot Dress, Peasant Dress with Apron, Ruffle Pants, Lace Edged Peasant Shirt, Ruffled Swing Jacket, and matching Flower Hair Accessories!

The fabrics are just gorgeous!  Vintage French Inspired Christmas is a good way to sum it up!  The fabrics feature french writing, medallions, birds, holly berries and poinsettia, in classic Christmas colors of red, green, and gold.

Photography by the amazing Artsy Tartsy Photography!

Christmas Knot Dress, Peasant Top with Lace Edged Sleeve, Ruffle Pants, and Shabby Victorian Flower Headband 

Christmas Peasant Dress with Apron and matching Shabby Victorian Flower Headband

Ruffle Swing Jacket, Peasant Top with Lace Edged Sleeves, and matching Flower Hair Clip

Shabby Victorian Flower Headband

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Garment Care

Just a little note to let you know the best way to care for your Charming Necessities outfits!

I use 100% cotton, designer fabrics.  Why?  Well for a few reasons.

1.  Designer fabrics are quality fabrics, of course.  They are sturdy, yet soft, and also wash and wear well - unlike their cheaper counterparts that fade after the first wash and then don't look so pretty anymore.

2.  100% cotton is a great choice for little one's skin.  Its breathable and, well - COTTON!  ;)

3.  I want to use the newest and trendiest prints for my collections!

Some quick info about 100% cotton fabrics.

All fabrics are pre-washed in a free and clear detergent before I cut and sew together any garment.  The reason for this is that there is a starch applied to fabrics when they are put on bolts and washing gets rid of that. 

Also {this is the most important reason}, cotton fabric can shrink when washed, especially the first time.  So, the fabric is pre-shrunk when I go to cut it, and you don't end up with a size smaller once you wash your item for the first time!

The best way to care for your outfits.

While you can just throw your garments in the washer and dryer just like other clothing, a little extra attention will keep them looking their best longer.  My twin's wear 50% Charming Necessities clothing and 50% store bought items.  These are the methods that I have found work best for their boutique items.

1.  For stains, spot treat as you would normally do.

2.  Wash on cold or warm water {extremely hot water can shrink and fade the cottons}.

3.  For drying, you CAN put your items in the dryer with everything else.  BUT cotton can wrinkle if left in the dryer too long {and pretty much everytime I leave stuff in the dryer too long LOL}.  So make sure you take the clothing out as soon as the dryer is done.

OR {this is my favorite method - but I don't do this every time I wash}

Hang your cotton garments to dry.  Especially those with lots of ruffles.  I usually take the items right out of the wash, shake them out a few times and straighten out the ruffles and straps.  This way you avoid wrinkled outfits - and don't have to iron!  {I hate ironing. ;-] }